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Joshua 6 - The Message

1 Jericho was shut up tight as a drum because of the People of Israel: no one going in, no one coming out.

2-5 God spoke to Joshua, "Look sharp now. I've already given Jericho to you, along with its king and its crack troops. Here's what you are to do: March around the city, all your soldiers. Circle the city once. Repeat this for six days. Have seven priests carry seven ram's horn trumpets in front of the Chest. On the seventh day march around the city seven times, the priests blowing away on the trumpets. And then, a long blast on the ram's horn-when you hear that, all the people are to shout at the top of their lungs. The city wall will collapse at once. All the people are to enter, every man straight on in."(...)

7 Then he told the people, "Set out! March around the city. Have the armed guard march before the Chest of God."(...)jericho

10 Joshua had given orders to the people, "Don't shout. In fact, don't even speak-not so much as a whisper until you hear me say, 'Shout!'-then shout away!"(...)

14 On the second day they again circled the city once and returned to camp. They did this six days.

15-17 When the seventh day came, they got up early and marched around the city this same way but seven times-yes, this day they circled the city seven times. On the seventh time around the priests blew the trumpets and Joshua signaled the people, "Shout!-God has given you the city! The city and everything in it is under a holy curse and offered up to God. (...)

20 The priests blew the trumpets.

When the people heard the blast of the trumpets, they gave a thunderclap shout. The wall fell at once. The people rushed straight into the city and took it.

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A nota innsi sitt er a besta, hla innri rdd sama hva.

r The Happiest book

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Arbinger stofnunin

er amersk stofnun sem gengur t a a fra flk um sjlfsblekkingu og hvernig hn er rt alls okkar vanda. Las bar bkur eirra prgramminu ti og er mjg hrifin. Er a sp a fara nmskei hj eim sumar. Heimasan.

Arbinger is the world's pioneer and leader in the area of "self-deception," which, simply put, is the problem of not knowing (and resisting the possibility) that one has a problem. Self-deception is the problem Freud was trying to figure out when he invented modern psychology. Ultimately, Freud was unable to unravel what became known as the "self-deception paradox," and scholars have been wrestling the same issue for over a century.

anatomyofpeace_small The Arbinger Institute was founded by the philosopher who finally figured out the self-deception paradox. Arbinger's purpose is to educate the world about this most important of issues and to equip individuals and organizations with the ability to get out of the self-deceptions that have held them bound. Arbinger's international bestseller, Leadership and Self-Deception (published in 2000), introduced the world to this issue of self-deception. Our newest book, The Anatomy of Peace (published in August 2006), deepens the understanding of this issue, and shows not only how to overcome self-deception in oneself but how to help others to overcome it as well.

Barnabk sem tskrir fegrunaragerir'

plasticsurgerybookSj frtt Newsweek.

It features a perky mother explaining to her child why she's having cosmetic surgery (a nose job and tummy tuck). Naturally, it has a happy ending: mommy winds up "even more" beautiful than before, and her daughter is thrilled.

"My Beautiful Mommy" is aimed at kids ages four to seven and features a plastic surgeon named Dr. Michael (a musclebound superhero type) and a girl whose mother gets a tummy tuck, a nose job and breast implants. Before her surgery the mom explains that she is getting a smaller tummy: "You see, as I got older, my body stretched and I couldn't fit into my clothes anymore. Dr. Michael is going to help fix that and make me feel better."Mom comes home looking like a slightly bruised Barbie doll with demure bandages on her nose and around her waist.


Stjrnun og sjlfsblekking

lsum bkina Leadership and self deception hpnum um daginn. Er ansi g, ekki bara fyrir stjrnendur heldur alla sem vilja skilja betur hvernig flk og maur sjlfur functionar.

Hr Google er hgt a lesa hana.

13722964The "disease" of self-deception (acting in ways contrary to what one knows is right) underlies all leadership problems in today's organizations, according to the premise of this work. However well intentioned they may be, leaders who deceive themselves always end up undermining their own performance.This straightforward book explains how leaders can discover their own self-deceptions and learn how to escape destructive patterns. The authors demonstrate that breaking out of these patterns leads to improved teamwork, commitment, trust, communication, motivation, and leadership.

Deepest thoughts

bk eftir Jack Handey

It's interesting to think that my ancestors used to live in the trees, like apes, until finally they got the nerve to head out onto the plains, where some were probably hit by cars.
The other day I got out my can opener and was opening a can of worms when I thought, "What am I doing?"

a sleppa

Mr var bent bkina The Language of Letting Go: Daily Meditations on Codependency eftir Melody Beattie. Leist vel etta, er g fyrir sem vilja setja betri mrk snu lfi. Hr er ein hugleiing:


We don't always have to be strong. Sometimes, our strength is expressed in being vulnerable. Sometimes, we need to fall apart to regroup and stay on track.

LB_SerenityPrayer We all have days when we cannot push any harder, cannot hold back self-doubt, cannot stop focusing on fear, cannot be strong.

There are days when we cannot focus on being responsible. Occasionally we don't want to get out of our pajamas. Sometimes, we cry in front of people. We expose our tiredness, irritability, or anger.

Those days are okay. They are just okay.

Part of taking care of ourselves means we give ourselves permission to "fall apart" when we need to. We do not have to be perpetual towers of strength. We are strong. We have proven that. Our strength will continue if we allow ourselves the courage to feel scared, weak, and vulnerable when we need to experience those feelings.

Today, God, help me to know that it is okay to allow myself to be human. Help me not to feel guilty or punish myself when I need to "fall apart."

- Daglegar hugleiingar r bkinni eru hr.

Gar barnabkur

eru reyndar gar fyrir alla, gur boskapur. Bkur Peters H.Reynolds. smDotKeypti bar dag.

The dot. For anyone who has been afraid to express themselves - from a child in art class to an adult whose fear has shut down a long-held dream, The Dot is there to remind us all to "Make your mark, and see where it takes you."

store_ishMEDIsh. This is the sequel to The Dot and a tribute to an approach to thinking and relaxing about your art, your writing, your craft. Your life.

Bush og Hitler

928_bookpageer einhver munur? Ekki mikill a mati Naomi Wolf. S vital vi hana an vegna ntkominnar bkar hennar The end of America. g er ekki fr v a hn hafi miki fyrir sr v a Bandarkin su a vera a fasista rki. Maur heyrir almennt flki hr a a er ngt me hvernig hlutrnir hafa rast hr sustu rin.

Hr er vital vi hana r The Colbert report;

The end of America

Recent history has profound lessons for us in the U.S. today about how fascist, totalitarian, and other repressive leaders seize and maintain power, especially in what were once democracies. The secret is that these leaders all tend to take very similar, parallel steps. The Founders of this nation were so deeply familiar with tyranny and the habits and practices of tyrants that they set up our checks and balances precisely out of fear of what is unfolding today. We are seeing these same kinds of tactics now closing down freedoms in America, turning our nation into something that in the near future could be quite other than the open society in which we grew up and learned to love liberty, states Wolf.

Naomi talar um bkina 11.okt.2007

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