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Frnarlmb kynferisofbeldis og annars ofbeldis innan kalsku kirkjunnar rlandi

lsa hugnalegri reynslu sinni:

Free speech


nju ri verur maur a tra v a rttlti ni fram a ganga, annars sekkur maur unglyndi og vonleysi.

Slmarnir 103:6

Drottinn fremur rttlti og veitir rtt llum kguum.

Orskviirnir 11:4-6

Aufi stoa ekki degi reiinnar, en rttlti frelsar fr daua.

Rttlti hins rvanda gjrir veg hans slttan, en hinn gulegi fellur um guleysi sitt.

Rttlti hinna hreinskilnu frelsar , en hinir svikulu netjast eigin grgi.

Isaiah 1.21-31

Those Who Walk Out on God

Oh! Can you believe it? The chaste city
has become a whore!
She was once all justice,
everyone living as good neighbors,
And now they're all
at one another's throats.
Your coins are all counterfeits.
Your wine is watered down.
Your leaders are turncoats
who keep company with crooks.
They sell themselves to the highest bidder
and grab anything not nailed down.
They never stand up for the homeless,
never stick up for the defenseless.

ThiForestRayss Decree, therefore, of the Master, God-of-the-Angel-Armies,
the Strong One of Israel:
"This is it! I'll get my oppressors off my back.
I'll get back at my enemies.
I'll give you the back of my hand, purge the junk from your life, clean you up.
I'll set honest judges and wise counselors among you
just like it was back in the beginning.
Then you'll be renamed
City-That-Treats-People-Right, the True-Blue City."
God's right ways will put Zion right again.
God's right actions will restore her penitents.
But it's curtains for rebels and God-traitors,
a dead end for those who walk out on God.
"Your dalliances in those oak grove shrines
will leave you looking mighty foolish,
All that fooling around in god and goddess gardens
that you thought was the latest thing.
You'll end up like an oak tree
with all its leaves falling off,
Like an unwatered garden,
withered and brown.
'The Big Man' will turn out to be dead bark and twigs,
and his 'work,' the spark that starts the fire
That exposes man and work both
as nothing but cinders and smoke."

Reii Mse

moses 026 MOSES%20BETTER-new7 L34b-Golden sagi Drottinn vi Mse: "Far og stg ofan, v a flk itt, sem leiddir t af Egyptalandi, hefir misgjrt.

8 Skjtt hafa eir viki af eim vegi, sem g bau eim. eir hafa gjrt sr steyptan klf, og eir hafa falli fram fyrir honum, frt honum frnir og sagt: ,etta er gu inn, srael, sem leiddi ig t af Egyptalandi."`

9 Drottinn sagi vi Mse: "g s n, a essi lur er harsvra flk.


19 En er Mse nlgaist herbirnar og s klfinn og dansinn, upptendraist reii hans, svo a hann eytti tflunum af hendi og braut r sundur fyrir nean fjalli.

20 San tk hann klfinn, sem eir hfu gjrt, brenndi hann eldi og muldi hann duft og dreifi v vatni og lt sraelsmenn drekka.

- 2.Ms.32

Reii og hefnd Samsonar

10s Samson%20Destroys%20the%20Temple hrpai Samson til Drottins og sagi: "Drottinn Gu! Minnstu mn! Styrk mig n, Gu, etta eina sinn, svo a g geti hefnt mn Filistum fyrir bi augun mn einu!"

v nst reif Samson bar mislurnar, sem hsi hvldi , hgri hendinni ara og vinstri hendinni hina, og treysti .

mlti Samson: "Deyi n sla mn me Filistum!" San lagist hann af llu afli, svo a hsi fll ofan hfingjana og allt flki, er v var, og eir dauu, sem hann drap um lei og hann bei bana, voru fleiri en eir, er hann hafi drepi um vina.

- Dm.16.28-30

Reii Jes

anger+01 cleansing_06clip_image002_01200014jesus+clears+temple Og hann leit kring me reii...- Mark.3.5

Jess reiist helgidmnum: Mt. 21:12-13; Mk. 11:15-18; Jh. 2:13-22.

Jh.2.13-14 When the Passover Feast, celebrated each spring by the Jews, was about to take place, Jesus traveled up to Jerusalem. He found the Temple teeming with people selling cattle and sheep and doves. The loan sharks were also there in full strength.

15-17 Jesus put together a whip out of strips of leather and chased them out of the Temple, stampeding the sheep and cattle, upending the tables of the loan sharks, spilling coins left and right. He told the dove merchants, "Get your things out of here! Stop turning my Father's house into a shopping mall!" That's when his disciples remembered the Scripture, "Zeal for your house consumes me."

- The Message bible

Daphne Hampson

post-christian gufringur me fyrirlestur morgun H. Er sammla mrgum skounum hennar.

"I am a Western person, living in a post-Christian age, who has taken something with me from Christian thinkers, but who has rejected the Christian myth. Indeed I want to go a lot further than that. The myth is not neutral; it is highly dangerous. It is a brilliant, subtle, elaborate, male cultural projection, calculated to legitimise a patriarchal world and to enable men to find their way within it. We need to see it for what it is. But for myself I am a spiritual person, not an atheist. I am amazed at this 'other dimension of reality' in which there is; which allows healing, extra-sensory perception, and things to fall into place. I am quite clear there is an underlying goodness, beauty and order; that it is powerful, such that we can draw on it, while we are inter-related with it. I call that God."

af wikipedia


maur heyrir sorglega hluti essa dagana

More Than I Can Bear

I've gone through the fire
And I've been through the flood
I've been broken into pieces
Seen lightnin' flashin' from above
But through it all I remember
That He loves me
And He cares
And He'll never put more on me
Than I can bear

I said
Never put more on me
No no
Never put more on me
Unh unh
Never put more on me
His word said He won't
I believe it
I recieve it
I claim it
It's mine
No he'll never
Put more on me
Than I can bear
Can bear


I've got so much to thank God for
So many wonderful blessings
and so many open doors
A brand new mercy
along with each new day
That's why I praise You
and for this I give You praise

For waking me up this morning
That's why I praise You
For starting me on my way
That's why I praise You
For letting me see the sunshine
that's why I praise You
of a brand new day
A brand new mercy
along with each new day
That's why I praise You and for this
I give You praise

You're Jehovah Jhireh
That's why I praise You
You've been my Provider
That's why I praise You
You see so many times Youve met my needs
So many times You rescued me
That's why I praise You
I want to thank You for the blessing
You give to me each day
That's why I praise You
For this I give You praise

For every mountain You brought me over
For every trial you've seen me through
For every blessing
Hallelujah, for this I give You praise


heimildarmynd Bill Maher um trarbrg

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Sammla honum a the magic word 'faith er ekki sttanlegt til a rttlta hva sem er.

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