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To catch a thief

July 23, 2008 12:07

2008_03_slippertongue In the old west, a special kind of derision was reserved for horse thieves. A horse was not just another possession, and not even just another animal - to steal a man's cattle was to steal some small part of his livelihood; to steal his horse was to take away his means of transportation, the engine that drove his work, his very freedom. A woman might have developeded a relationship with her horse, as it became tame and learned to respond to her commands just so. Horses were not interchangeable and easily replaceable, and to be without a horse was to be left with virtually nothing.

Horse thieves were among the very lowest, mangiest, least-tolerated kinds of criminals. When they were caught, they were hanged.

Not to draw a parallel between a hunk of metal and a living animal, but we hold a similar disregard for bike thieves. Those who ride bikes to navigate the city are performing all kinds of social goods - they pollute less than motorists or transit users, they ease gridlock, they pose no real threat to anyone else on the road and, in a way, they even ease the price of gas by lowering the total pool of demand. It isn't that all of them have chosen to be martyrs for the greater good - cyclists are also, very often, among the least affluent members of society, unable to afford to drive a car or hold a Metropass. Cyclists develop relationships with their bikes, tune them up and learn their quirks and - as we were reminded at the Toronto Cyclists Union's recent screening of the epic film Pee-wee's Big Adventure - become quite attached to them.

Theft of any kind is pretty despicable, but to take from those who often have so little, those who in their daily commuting or errand-running inflict so little burden on the rest of us - there must be a special circle of hell reserved for such scum.


- (feitletrun mn)

Critical mass

dag var hjlafer um binn til a vekja athygli hjlreiamnnum umferinni. Flk safnaist saman vi hsklann og hjlai svo stran hring um binn og tk yfir sumar gturnar. etta var mjg gaman. Er vst gert mnaarfresti hr og vsvegar strborgum hr.

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morgunmatur hjlinu...Philip Drexler

Annars rk g bara ftur, og af sta hjlinu, og f mr morgunmat vinnunni.


maxi_RSJRnd3tAm9D1Heze4rqvia Swissmiss

fyrirmyndar hjlaborgir

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Bandarkjamenn eiga 4 af 11. Amsterdam er no.1.

a fyndna er a tveir vinnuflagar tla a fara a hjla vinnuna lka...hehe, au sj hversu healthy g er og hversu miki g er a grennast...Gott ml.

g er a gera mitt

til a minnka notkun bensns hr Amerku og til a stemma stigum vi offitu; g hjla.

Nokkrir kostir ess a hjla

More Than Forty Good Reasons For Bicycling

  1. Bicycles Increase Mobility For Those Who Don't Have Access To Motor Transport.
  2. Bikes Increase Mobility For Those Who Don't Qualify To Drive A Car.
  3. Bicycles Increase Mobility For Those Who Can't Afford Motor Transport.
  4. Bikes Increase Mobility For Those Who Don't Want To Drive Motor Vehicles.
  5. There Are 28 Miles Of Bike Trails In The City of Seattle.
  6. Bicycling Is The Most Efficient Form Of Transportation Ever Invented.
  7. bicycling_on_campusYou Get Exercise From Bicycling
  8. Save Travel Money By Biking
  9. Reduce Stress
  10. Biking Is Therapeutic For The Mind & Spirit
  11. Cycling Is Therapeutic For The Body
  12. Your Commute Will Be The Best Part Of Your Day Instead Of The Worst Part Of Your Day.
  13. Cycling Improves Self-Esteem
  14. Save On The Membership To A Health Club, Get Your Exercise Bicycling To Work
  15. Cycling Is Low Impact On The Body
  16. Cycling Is Low Impact On The Environment
  17. Bicycling In Your Neighborhood Is A Great Way To Meet Your Neighbors
  18. Camaraderie of Cyclists Makes It A Great Way To Meet A Nice Stranger With A Similar Interest
  19. Bicyclist Can Ignore the Traffic Reports
  20. Feel the Self-satisfaction Of Biking Past A Traffic Jam In The Bike Lane.
  21. Predictable Commute Time
  22. Easier Parking
  23. Cheaper Parking
  24. Leaving Your Car At Home Provide A Parking Space For Someone Less Fortunate
  25. If You Are Lazy, Your Bicycle Provides Door-To-Door Transport (You Don't Have To Walk Across A Vast Parking Lot)
  26. Reduce Demand For Parking Lots
  27. Reduce Energy Consumption (see below)
  28. Reduce Air Pollution -- Bicyclist Emit Few Gases
  29. Reduce Water Pollution -- Bikes Don't Drip Brake Fluid, Anti-Freeze, Transmission Fluid, Etc.
  30. Reduce Noise Pollution -- Even Without A Muffler Bikes Are Quiet
  31. Reduces Road Wear -- Even If Cyclist Feel Like They Have The Weight Of The World On Their Shoulders.
  32. A four mile bicycle trip keeps about 15 pounds of pollutants out of the air we breathe.
  33. 40% Of All Trips In The U.S. Are Within Two Miles Of Home.
  34. Prevent and protest the sanctioned murder (homicide by motor-vehicle) of responsible citizens.
  35. Bikes Small Profile Reduce Congestion
  36. Motor Vehicle Emissions Cause More Than Half Of The Northwest's Air Pollution.
  37. Reduce Need To Lay Additional Asphalt And Concrete
  38. Easier to Vary Your Route By Bicycle
  39. Bicycling Improves Cardio-Vascular Health
  40. Better muscle tone, bone mass improvement, clearer skin
  41. Healthier People Have Lower Health Care Expenses
  42. New bicycle commuters can expect to lose 13 pounds their first year of bicycle commuting. (Jibb!)
  43. The Exercise Increase Your Productivity At Work
  44. Increased Bike Uses Generates Bike Facilities Which Increase Property Values
  45. Bicycling Gives You More Fresh Air Than A Sauna And You Can Still Sweat And Clean Your Pores
  46. Bike Commuting Is A License To Dress Weird And Still Feel Smug
  47. Urban Cycling Keeps You Humble
  48. Biking Is Virtually Life Long Activity
  49. Bicycling Can Be Enjoyed In A Wide Variety Of Topography
  50. Cycling Can Be Enjoyed In A Wide Variety Of Climates
  51. Bicycles Are A Great Means To See The World
  52. Bicycling is cool.
  53. Biking Is Fun.

a hjla

g hjla allt sem g fer hr v g hef ekki keypt bl. Er a forast a lengstu lg. Daglega hjla g um 6 km fram og til baka vinnuna og er um 15 mn.ara lei. Svo hjla g allt anna sem g fer. etta er mjg heilsusamlegt augljslega og g finn mikinn mun mr eftir 2 mnui hjlinu.

Verur hugsa til Koben me sr hjlagtur, a er frbrt. Hr er veri enn gott, reyndar ansi kalt morgnana en getur veri um 18-23 stig daginn. Her er lka allt sltt, engar hir annig a etta er mjog hentugt til a hjla. Nema sumar egar hitinn fer 38 cgrur verur a rugglega fekar gilegt.



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